No more worry – your photos sorted and archived monthly

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What if...

Recently I woke up from a bad dream… My phone fell in to the water. The only thought in my head was “I lost last 3 months of our photos”, then I woke up.

It happens. And you can prevent it. Just schedule a time every month for transferring your photos on to an external hard drive and there is not much to worry about anymore.

Except if you (like me) tend to forget to do these things… then it’s best to get some help 😉



Advantages of monthly service

Beside the phone falling in the water, losing it or having it stolen, the memory of the phone and cloud storage quickly gets filled.

Did you know, that cloud storage actually doesn’t save your photos? Most services alter the original image and then make it very hard to get back off the cloud when you want to do something with your photos like print a Photo Book.

To keep the photos safe, the pros always make a double copy on an external storage device.

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How we do it

For busy moms who take many photos documenting their family life, I created a hassle free process to keep your photos off your phone and safely archived in their original size and quality.

Every month (or every 3 months) I send you an e-mail with a link where you simply upload your photos and I take care of them. I rename them with a date, so you always know when the photo was taken and archive them on a quality USB key. If there are duplicates, they get deleted.

Every 6 months I send you the USB key with all your photos sorted and organized. Deleting them from your phone becomes a simple task and the phone memory remains available for snapping new family memories.

Test The Service

You want to see if it is worth it?

Buy my tester package and send me all the photos you have on your phone right now…

I will do this one time photo organizing of the files for you and send you the USB key to your home address for 59€.

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Gift a service of photo organizing

You don’t take many photos but you know someone who does?

This year my daughter is turning 18.

I wanted to make a photo book as a present for her and I didn’t even know where to begin with looking for the photos.

Some were on CDs, some on my phone, and I had no overview what year was what.

Tejka offered me to sort this mess out and after sending all the mixed files to her, she sent me back a USB drive with folders in chronological order. Now I simply go through the year and choose the photos I want to use in the photo book. Sarah W.

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Free 30 min discovery call

You have a bunch of digital files that need to be looked in to and you want to sort them in to easily accesible files?

Contact me for 30 min Zoom meeting.

Give me the details of your problem with the photo collections and I will help you find solutions for past and future photo storage.

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